Testimonials – NJ Criminal Defense Attorney

“I never thought I would be writing this about an attorney but you, Mr. Ware, are not just any attorney. I truly believe you are God Sent! You provide exemplary representation and are very reliable, competent, professional, assertive, direct and diligent. Your knowledge of the law, evidence rules, and court procedures is outstanding. You have always been available to answer my questions and provide sound feedback via text, email and/or phone calls. Very rarely are attorneys as responsive and caring as you are. Not only are you a very effective advocate, but you are also an attorney with a real heart.
Thank you for the empathy you have given to my overall well-being. I truly appreciate how supportive you have been throughout this whole process. I have and will continue to use you for my legal matters. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is searching for an excellent attorney. Thank You!!!” –

“Mr.Ware sought justice for our family in the homicide of our loved one. Many facts were being overlooked until he stepped in and advocated on our behalf. He scheduled meetings with the prosecutor’s office and kept us involved in the case. As a result, an indictment was handed down and our family finally got the justice that we had been seeking for months. He is an excellent attorney and I would recommend him to anyone.” – Dionne

“My experience with Mr. Ware has been absolutely wonderful.
Of course most people need a lawyer at a difficult time in their life. My situation was one of those times.  In all my experience with legal issues I have never met a man as compassionate, kind, caring and knowledgeable.
I rest assured that Mr. Ware is representing our family with diligence, honor and integrity.  Unfortunately the field of law can produce some unscrupulous stereotypes. Mr. Ware does not fit that mold.  I feel blessed to have found him at this very difficult time and have complete trust that we are in good hands.” –

“I retained Mr. Ware for my criminal defense case, which is still ongoing. Mr. Ware has not only proven his vast knowledge of criminal defense statues, namely the 2C book which is profound, but has gained my trust and respect once again for an attorney. Mr. Ware’s compassion towards me and my case is not only exemplarily but refreshing. I called Mr. Ware once on a matter I wanted to discuss with him, however at that time Mr. Ware was unavailable. Just to let me know that he did not forget about me and to see what I needed he called me back at 10:30 in the evening. I do not know too many other attorneys who are devoted to their active case load as Mr. Ware is. Not only have I recommended other people to Mr. Ware. I will continue to use Mr. Ware for all of my legal matters whatever that may be for the future! Thank you Mr. Ware for being a ‘real’ attorney.” – Kevin

“We have known Bill Ware since 2009. His criminal expertise as well as his honest and ethical approach to the legal profession set him apart from other lawyers we have known. We could have been drawn in to a costly legal battle and were instead met with honesty and integrity. We are truly thankful and blessed to have met Mr. Ware. Bill Ware is an excellent communicator and handled our case with such calm and ease that is really put our minds and hearts at peace throughout the whole process. He was not judgmental and that really opened the door for an honest professional relationship. He took the time to listen to the ‘other side of the story.’ He is an excellent speaker with great knowledge and confidence in his profession. We would highly recommend William Ware for criminal defense.”

“Mr. Ware, I wanted to thank you personally for all your support and hard work that you have provided. It gives me great happiness and well being to know that we picked the right lawyer to represent me as a person.” – M.R.

“I know that God has put you in my life.” – R.M.

“I find Mr. Ware has an excellent understanding of his clients and their needs. He is compassionate, patient and dependable; an outstanding counselor.” – DLT

“Bill is the best attorney I know of. He is very thorough and puts his heart and soul into it… a real Godsend.” – KT

“Mr. Ware – I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it were not for your dedication and diligence, I don’t know where I would be today. The day my family found you was a God-Send. THANK YOU!!” – W.E.

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