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A 50-year-old Rockaway Township man was found not guilty Thursday on charges that he sexually assaulted a girl over a six-year period when she was between the ages of 7 and 12, according to officials in Superior Court in Morristown.

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Charges dropped against teen accused of robbing $1.2K bong from smoke shop
All charges were dismissed against Thomas Rodriguez, 16, of Roxbury, on Thursday, according to a court order obtained by NJ Advance Media.

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State v. Thomas Rodriguez – (Morris) 16-year-old accused of stealing a $1,200 bong and $60 lighter from a local smoke shop. Charged armed robbery, possession of a weapon, possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, theft and terroristic threats. The defense has presented alibis and evidence that points at several large issues with the prosecutors case. Rodriguez’s next court date is scheduled for March 15th.

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State v. Joseph White – (Bergen) The Principal of Teaneck High School.  Accused of sexually assaulting one of his students.  Client faced (10) years in State Prison.  After a three week trial, the case went before a jury and client was found not guilty of all charges.

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United States v. Valeriano Sanchez – Client was mortgage banker charged with conspiracy to commit theft, mail fraud.  Faced 60 months in Federal Prison and received Probation.

United States v. Nathan Moshkovitch – Client was an internet guru accused of international distribution of (CP) child pornography.  Faced 42 months in Federal Prison.  Received Probation.

United States v. Hisham Sadek – Client was owner of a car dealership accused of theft, mail fraud, conspiracy.   Faced up to 46 months in Federal Prison.  Received Probation.

United States v. Anthony Fava – Client worked in telecommunications.   Accused of Possession of (CP) and Distribution of (CP), client faced 84 months in Federal Prison.  Charges were dismissed.