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Criminal Penalties for Murder Convictions in New Jersey

In 2007, the State of New Jersey abolished the death penalty; however, if you are convicted of murder, you could face life imprisonment and other stiff penalties.

In addition to receiving a prison sentence, if you are convicted of murder, you can be fined up to $200,000 and ordered to pay restitution to cover funeral or possibly other expenses on behalf of the victim.

Homicide vs. Murder

A simple definition of homicide is: “The killing of one human being by another human being.” All murders are homicide, but not all homicides are murder. If, and how a person is charged with a crime when a person is killed by someone else depends on many factors, including the experience and legal skills of the attorneys involved.

If you have been charged with murder or felony murder, you have been charged with the most serious crime under New Jersey law. Felony murder is always a First Degree crime, and depending upon the nature of the crime, intent, and other factors, (non-felony) murder can be charged as a First or Second Degree crime.

The Prosecution Must Prove There Was Intent to Kill to Get a Murder Conviction

Under New Jersey state law 2C: 11-3, murder is defined as when the person committing the act “purposely causes death or serious bodily injury resulting in death.” Understanding this definition is important, because in order to convict a defendant on murder charges, the prosecution must prove that the defendant intended to kill the victim.

Pleading Guilty to Killing Another Person

Even if you plead guilty to killing another person it does not mean you are automatically found guilty of murder. The state must still prove that you also intended to kill the victim. There are some circumstances where another person is killed in self-defense, or by accident.

Our criminal defense attorneys never just accept a plea bargain unless it is in your best interest and you are satisfied with the resolution. We strive for a verdict in your favor in each and every case.

Pleading Insanity

In cases where a person is found to have been “legally insane” (mentally ill) at the time the crime occurred, and therefore was not aware of what they were doing at the time, they may be sentenced to a state facility instead of prison. Pleading an insanity defense is not a “get out of jail free” legal strategy; we focus on developing a strong defense case to get you the best possible outcome at trial.

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