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Have you been charged with burglary?

Now what do you do? You’ve been charged with burglary, theft, shoplifting or another offense involving stolen property. You’ve probably never been in this situation before.

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The Law Offices of William D. Ware, Esq., understands the situation you are in. It may help to know that prosecutors aren’t always as interested in sticking you in jail as they may sound. Mr. Ware knows. He worked more than 5 years as a prosecutor in Essex County, where he handled hundreds of theft, burglary and shoplifting charges.

Our firm tirelessly works for you whether we are challenging the evidence and negotiating a non-jail plea offer, seeking a dismissal or preparing your case for trial. Mr. Ware makes no promises, except to promise that he will be at your side, fighting for your rights and working hard to secure the best outcome or a not guilty verdict. Mr. Ware has a record of success that he is proud of.

Right now, our firm knows you need straight answers from a lawyer who really understands the system. Let’s sit down together and discuss your situation and what will happen next. Mr. Ware stands by your side. You WILL get through this. Let’s start protecting your future right now.

Mr. Ware has nearly 25 years of experience in the criminal law system in New Jersey. Don’t place your future in the hands of anything less. Mr. Ware has represented clients charged with all offenses relating to theft and stolen property, including:

Contact us to arrange a free consultation. You can call 908-955-7065 – 24/7 and we will meet at a time and location most convenient to you, including the police station. From our offices in Chester, our burglary defense lawyer represents clients throughout New Jersey.