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Sex Crimes allegations, arrests or convictions can destroy families and reputations, ruin a career, and potentially follow a defendant for life. William Ware is are aware of the difficulties our clients and their families face when confronted with a sex crimes accusation. If you have been accused, arrested, charged or believe that you may soon be facing criminal charges for a sex crimes charge, you need sound legal advice and guidance from an experienced sex crimes lawyer.

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The Law Offices of William D. Ware, Esq., offers free consultations in which you can openly discuss the specifics of your charges, explore potential mistakes in the police investigation and available defenses for whatever sex crimes allegations you are facing. Call 908-955-7065 to speak with Mr. Ware today.

Attorney William D. Ware has over 20 years of criminal trial experience. As a former prosecutor, he handled sex crimes cases for years. Mr. Ware has been Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney. There are over 80,000 licensed lawyers in the State of New Jersey but there are only about 236 that have met the rigorous requirements set up by the New Jersey Supreme Court to become certified criminal trial attorneys.

Our firm understands the sensitive nature of all sex crimes cases, especially cases involving children,and guarantee to our clients the discretion and confidentiality that they need while navigating the criminal justice process.

Mr. Ware has handled every type of sex crimes case in New Jersey,including:

Sex Crimes Cases Are Unique – You need an Experienced Sex Crimes Attorney

In sex offense cases, the evidence is critical. Often times, the only evidence in the State’s possession is the statement of the alleged victim which may or may not be reliable. Our firm has the experience to challenge such limited evidence. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Ware also knows exactly what evidence should have been gathered during a sex crimes investigation and what evidence is often overlooked by police investigators. Mr. Ware has the ability to exploit his knowledge for your benefit. He will review all of the police and medical reports, if any, and work with the necessary experts to ensure that your rights are protected and that you have an effective trial defense at your disposal if you choose to exercise your right to a trial.

Do not wait to consult with an attorney about a sex crime – potential sentences are severe

New Jersey State Prison (up to 18 months for a 4th degree crime and up to 20 years for a 1st degree crime with parole ineligibility for 85% of the sentence imposed)
Monetary fines
Court Ordered Rehabilitation or Counseling
Mandatory Sex Offender Registration (pursuant to Megan’s Law)
Parole Supervision for Life (pursuant to Megan’s Law)

A sex crime conviction could result in jail time, a damaging criminal record, and lifetime registry as a sex offender, also known as Community Supervision for Life.

To protect your rights and your future, please contact us as soon as possible.

At The Law Offices of William D. Ware, Esq., we have been extremely successful in winning sex cases at trial, obtaining probationary terms rather than jail sentences for our clients, or convincing the Prosecutor’s Office to dismiss the charges where appropriate. In some cases, we are able to get the charges downgraded to a lesser charge as part of the plea negotiations.

Other Consequences – Megan’s Law and Sex Offender Registry

In 1994 the Legislature imposed mandatory registration requirements for those convicted of certain sex offenses pursuant to “Megan’s Law”. Essentially, a person convicted, at a minimum, has to register his or her address with the local police department in his or her community and periodically report to the police department to “verify” his or her address. In some cases, a person convicted can be sentenced to “Community Supervision for Life” which imposes a lifetime of parole supervision upon the convicted person.

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